Treatment of hypertension

Hypertension is a multifactorial pathology, its origin can not be explained by a specific cause. And this complicates the choice of therapeutic measures to influence it. Treatment of hypertension is reduced to maintaining the optimal level of pressure, alleviating the patient's condition and preventing possible complications. The disease can be fought with different methods and each stage requires a special approach. To achieve the maximum effect, the treatment of hypertension should reasonably combine traditional and non-traditional methods, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

What is hypertension

heart pain with hypertension

Before you know how to treat hypertension, you need to understand what it is. Hypertension is a disease, a sure sign of which is an increase in blood pressure. It is considered elevated when the values on the tonometer scale regularly, for a certain time, exceed the norm, reaching 140/90 and above. Other signs appear with further progression of the pathological condition. Common symptoms of hypertension include:

  • headache;
  • frequent dizziness and weakness;
  • nausea, which may turn into vomiting;
  • signs of increased arousal (irritability, aggression, irritability);
  • poor sleep;
  • arrhythmia, heart pain;
  • harresa.

Hypertension develops when the walls of blood vessels are damaged and lose the ability to relax and contract on their own, adapting to changing conditions. This occurs under the influence of several factors that provoke prolonged stress on the vascular system. The main provoking factor of hypertension is considered to be excessive irritation of the central nervous system, caused by strong emotional experiences.

Other factors also play an important role:

  • a large amount of salty food on the menu;
  • obesity;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • body aging;
  • overwork;
  • habit of using cigarettes, alcohol;
  • hereditary predisposition to the disease.

To understand how to deal with hypertension, you need to have an idea of its types, stages and degrees.

the doctor examining a patient with hypertension

Essential hypertension is diagnosed in most cases. It appears as an independent pathology under the influence of a number of different factors. When treating primary hypertension, maintenance therapy with medication for life is prescribed, which is combined with optimization of the overall lifestyle and rhythm of life.

Symptomatic hypertension appears as a manifestation (symptom) of another disease. Secondary type hypertension manifests more severely and brightly, persists more severely and more rapidly. To deal with such a pathology, you need to directly influence the cause of its occurrence. Often, hypertension can be treated in this case only with surgery.

Hypertension and its treatment go through different stages of their development. Based on the level of damage to the target organs, three stages are distinguished: the first stage is characterized by the absence of such lesions, the third stage causes irreversible, life-threatening processes. A concept such as disease rate indicates the level of increase in blood pressure in hypertension. There are also three scales: in the first, the pressure rises slightly and irregularly, the third is distinguished by high, continuous, poorly corrected tonometer readings. The second stage and the second stage can be characterized as transient.

Modern methods of treating pathology

Modern treatment includes traditional, classical methods of treatment, which can be supplemented with non-traditional, alternative methods. The traditional method is based on drug therapy.

About drug therapy

There is a definite list of drugs that conform to the standard of traditional hypertension treatment. All of them are prescribed only by the doctor, taken throughout life, according to the prescribed regimen and dose. Unauthorized cancellation or replacement of drugs is not allowed. When hypertension develops, treatment should not be discontinued, even if the blood pressure level has returned to normal and the person is feeling well.

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

Characteristics of drugs:

  • They have few side effects.
  • They are able to protect the kidneys and heart from possible complications, can maintain normal pressure for a long time.
  • These drugs are often used as monotherapy, but can be used in combination with other agents.
  • The essence of the action of ACE inhibitors is to prevent the passage of ACE 1 to ACE 2.
  • You can start taking antihypertensive medicine for hypertension from this group in case the hypertension responds well to the medication control.

Angiotensin 2 receptor blockers (ARBs)

ARBs are a relatively new drug. In the treatment of hypertension, it was used not so long ago. Distinctive features:

  • Modern medicines give even less negative reactions.
  • Effectively protect internal organs.
  • They have good antihypertensive properties.
  • Angiotensin 2 under the influence of these drugs can not narrow blood vessels, because the receptors inside the vessels that transmit a signal for contraction of the vascular wall are blocked.

Blocking beta


  • They belong to the group of drugs of the older generation.
  • They are prescribed for persistent hypertension with high blood pressure.
  • Suitable for patients with heart problems.
  • They have a lot of side effects.
  • Medications are usually combined with diuretics.
  • There are contraindications for use (diabetes mellitus, arrhythmia, obstructive processes in the bronchi).

calcium antagonists

Distinctive features and characteristics:

  • They do not allow calcium ions to penetrate the vascular cell, which reduces the stiffness of the vascular walls.
  • Medications dilate blood vessels, improve coronary circulation in hypertension.
  • Allows you to effectively control the level of the upper and lower pressure figures.
  • There are some side effects.
  • The tablets have contraindications (narrowed aorta, impaired metabolism).


hypertension pills

Otherwise called diuretics. Key Features:

  • Remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Reduce the level of potassium in the cells.
  • May lead to dehydration and hypokalemia (potassium deficiency).
  • Normalize blood pressure well.
  • They are used as a single drug and in combination with other drugs.

And now briefly about some alternative treatments for a condition such as hypertension.


Such therapy very well complements the main treatment of hypertension. Its use makes it possible to reduce the dose of medications taken, and in some cases, allows you to do without them completely. Benefits of physiotherapy:

  • improves the condition of blood vessels;
  • normalizes blood circulation to the brain;
  • stabilizes coronary circulation;
  • helps relieve nervous tension.

When hypertension develops, what treatment may be recommended:

  1. Use of a galvanic collar based on a solution of magnesium sulfate and novocaine.
  2. Use of general darsonvalization.
  3. Elektrosleep.
  4. Massage procedures. The impact is on the head and collar area.
  5. Electrophoresis treatment using bromine.

What treatment of the disease can still be tried?

Iodine treatment

iodine for the treatment of hypertension

Iodine is needed to provide normal oxidative processes that stimulate brain activity. Without it, the normal functioning of the thyroid gland is impossible. The mineral is able to neutralize volatile microbes, which leads to an improvement in mood and a reduction in nervousness. Increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and has a beneficial effect on blood plasma. Gives energy, helps burn fat deposits, keeps healthy teeth, nails and hair strong and shiny.

Treatment of hypertension with iodine is the so-called "Indian method". How to beat hypertension with its help? It is necessary to develop courses of such treatment twice: in early autumn and early spring. The whole course lasts 20 days. After the first 10 days of treatment, they rest for another 10 days, then continue for the next decade. The essence of the treatment comes down to drawing circles with iodine and a cotton swab on specific areas of the body according to a certain pattern. Every day a new circle is drawn in a new place.

Treatment with vitamins and minerals

It is believed that for the effective treatment of hypertension, you need to take a special complex of minerals and vitamins. This method is based on the assumption that one of the main causes of high blood pressure is a lack of magnesium in the blood. Proponents of this method believe that taking magnesium in combination with vitamin B6, as well as elements such as taurine (a natural diuretic), fish oil (a natural source of valuable amino acids), can strengthen the cardiovascular system and completely abandon it. medicine.

Low carb diet

How to remove the symptoms of hypertension diet? Fast carbs are a source of excess weight and cholesterol in the blood, they increase the risk of developing diabetes. These factors negatively affect the condition of blood vessels. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet with the help of a special diet, you can achieve a reduction in blood pressure. Good results can be achieved by combining a diet with magnesium intake as well as moderate exercise.

In addition to these methods, hypertension can be treated with homeopathy, hirudotherapy, exercise therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, breathing exercises, herbal medicine, yoga.

Standard principles and schemes of complex therapy

There are two approaches to medication therapy for hypertension.

  1. Clinical recommendations for the treatment of hypertension in this case are as follows: exposure to the drug should begin with monotherapy. A medicine is first prescribed. The dose is simultaneously offered at the minimum possible in a given situation. If the effect is insufficient, the dose is gradually increased. If there is still no result or the drug has unwanted side effects, it is replaced with another one. As the most extreme option, monotherapy is replaced by combination treatment.
  2. The principles of treating hypertension here are completely different. Proponents of a different approach are confident that it is advisable to start treatment immediately with not one but several medications. It is believed that two or more drugs from different groups, which are well combined with each other, will work more effectively together than separately. Each of them eliminates the negative reactions caused by the other. In this case, it is possible to reduce the dose of both drugs as much as possible. And the effect will be high. This method of treatment is especially good for patients who have a high risk of developing complications in the form of cardiovascular disease.
medicines for hypertension

For the convenience of patients, combination drugs began to appear in pharmacies, which combine several active ingredients from different groups of drugs at once. It is convenient to take such tablets (drink one a day), and this is an important advantage.

Effective treatment of hypertension depends on the right combinations of drugs.

Recommended combinations of drug treatment of hypertension:

  • diuretic in combination with an ACE inhibitor;
  • an ACE inhibitor together with a calcium antagonist;
  • use of a calcium antagonist in conjunction with an angiotensin 2 receptor blocker;
  • diuretic and calcium antagonist;
  • a diuretic together with an angiotensin 2 receptor blocker;
  • beta-blockers and diuretics;
  • calcium channel blocker along with a beta-blocker.

Each stage of the disease requires compliance with a specific scheme and principles of treatment of hypertension.

The first phase (140/90 - 160/100)

How to treat first stage hypertension? At an early stage of the disease, medications are not prescribed. It is recommended to use them only in case of a hypertensive crisis, when you need to give first aid quickly and effectively. The first stage is easier, the pressure can be normalized by maintaining the right lifestyle. At this stage, you can actively use herbal medicine, massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and other alternative methods of non-drug therapy.

Hypertension, as a first stage pathology, does not require the use of medication. They are not used to stabilize pressure, but only if it is necessary to reduce central nervous system stimulation, normalize blood flow to the brain, and also affect the underlying disease (if we are talking about secondary hypertension).

Second phase (160/100 - 180/110)

In most cases, it involves taking medication. Some patients manage small doses and monotherapy. For others, you may need to increase the dose or prescribe medication combinations. Medications are prescribed not only to lower blood pressure, but also to prevent the development of complications.

Drug therapy is combined with preventive measures, lifestyle optimization and elimination of provocative factors.

Third phase (180/110 and above)

Measuring blood pressure for hypertension

Principles of treating hypertension at this stage:

  • You can not suddenly lower the pressure.
  • It is advisable to reduce the tonometer readings by no more than 15% of the initial digits.
  • When treating a severe stage of the disease, the patient should be prescribed a combination therapy of 2-3 drugs.
  • If symptomatic hypertension is detected, then medications are prescribed. affecting the cause of the underlying disease. If necessary, surgical treatment is prescribed.

It is necessary to try to minimize the risk factors, to follow all the recommendations for the treatment of hypertension that the doctor suggests. It is important at this stage to monitor the condition of the organs called targets of hypertension: heart, kidneys, brain, eyes, blood vessels.

Kidney disease often causes high blood pressure. Medication treatment of nephrogenic (secondary) hypertension should provide:

  • normalization of pressure level;
  • relief of patient well-being, removal of unpleasant symptoms;
  • inhibiting the development of renal failure;
  • prolonging the patient's life.

Most often, medications are used to prepare the patient for surgery, or in the postoperative period. Complex treatment is advisable even for the elderly and those who are contraindicated in anesthesia. The most effective and, often, the only measure to combat renal pathology is surgical treatment.

How to treat yourself properly and effectively

You can treat hypertension at home, but it is advisable to discuss all your actions with your doctor so that the treatment is beneficial and not harmful.

There are many effective and safe methods of lowering blood pressure offered by traditional medicine. How to treat hypertension without medication?

Banjat. The use of hot foot baths reduces pressure well and quickly, especially when mustard powder is added to water.

red currant for hypertension

Garnet. Fruit in hypertension is very useful in itself. But you can treat it with pomegranate peel. They are brewed instead of tea and drunk in unlimited quantities.

Seedless grapes. It is useful in any form, especially fresh. You can make compote, drink juice, make jam, it is very tasty and healthy to eat fresh grains, minced with sugar. It will relieve the unpleasant symptoms associated with high blood pressure.

Useful vegetables. Hypertension can be treated by eating a variety of vegetables. Beetroot is useful in any form. Its juice copes well with atherosclerosis, lowers blood pressure. Baked potatoes "in uniform" contain a lot of potassium, which is good for the heart and blood vessels. Fights pressure and strengthens blood vessels Onions, as well as garlic, should be eaten daily.

Healing elixir. Ingredients: onion (1 piece), garlic (4 cloves), dried mountain ash (tablespoon). Grind all this, pour cold water (1 liter) and cook after simmering for 15 minutes on low heat. After that, pour a pinch of herb: cdweed, dill, parsley. Mix all this well and cook for another 15 minutes.

After cooking, cool and drain. Next, get rid of high blood pressure by taking a half tablespoon up to 4 times a day. It is necessary to take the drug before meals, for half an hour. The whole course will last about ten days. After a 21-day break, take another course of treatment.

Pink with honey. Create a tablespoon of dried rose thighs (fruit) in boiling water (500 g), then heat on low heat for 10 minutes. Then cool and pass through cheesecloth. You can drink the recommended medicine in any quantity by adding honey (1 tablespoon) to the drink.

Drink with mineral water. In mineral water (200 g), add honey (1 tablespoon), lemon (juice from half a fruit), mix everything. To cope with hypertension, you should take the medicine before meals in the morning, a glass during the week.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Hypertension Forever?

headache with hypertension

If secondary hypertension is diagnosed, then the fight against it can be quite effective. How to treat high blood pressure in this case? Timely detection of the cause of the disease and its elimination will lead to a complete cure for hypertension. A good result gives surgical treatment. The patient can avoid serious complications and end high blood pressure once and for all.

In the case of essential (primary) hypertension, a complete cure can be expected only at the very early stage of disease development. To do this, you need to make a habit of regularly measuring blood pressure, this applies to absolutely everyone, even healthy people. Everyone can devote a few minutes to this simple procedure. Fluctuations observed in time in the indicators can stop the progression of hypertension.

How to get rid of hypertension forever? To combat the onset of the disease, you need to review your priorities. It is important to understand that the further development of events depends only on the person himself. What to do to cure the disease:

  • time and complete rest;
  • protect the nervous system;
  • give up salt almost completely;
  • force yourself to walk more often, move more, exercise regularly or at least do exercises;
  • do not sit at the computer for a long time;
  • try to lose weight if the weight has exceeded the allowed limits;
  • forget cigarettes, coffee, alcohol;
  • eliminate from the diet harmful foods, especially those that increase cholesterol and affect weight.
heart and arterial hypertension

Folk remedies will come to the rescue, as well as a variety of alternative medicine methods without medication. The main thing is not to overdo it with treatment and consult a doctor on how to deal with hypertension as effectively as possible.

When a hypertensive disease has passed the first stage, you need to adjust to lifelong treatment and not have vain illusions. How to beat hypertension in a chronic form - no one knows. Now all a person can do in this situation is learn to keep the disease under control.

When fighting hypertension, we must remember that self-medication without taking prescribed medications can only do harm. You need to take the pill constantly, even when it seems to you that your health is in perfect order. Treating hypertension with additional methods can prevent possible complications, reduce the side effects of medications, and reduce their dose. But it may be considered to discontinue drug therapy only in the early stages of the disease, only with the permission of the attending physician.