Experience of use Cardione

Albena from Zlatograd shared her experience of using Cardione

high pressure before taking Cardione

Cardione endured hypertension for years

I have over 5 years of experience in hypertension. Initially, the disease was asymptomatic. There was fatigue after a little physical exertion, but I paid no attention to it. Then came headaches and dizziness. My family started noticing that I had a memory disorder. I was irritated for whatever reason, from such anxiety I started to sleep badly. I had to visit a doctor. After the examination I was diagnosed with stage II hypertension. The doctor told me that such symptoms could not be tolerated and I had to apply as soon as I started noticing changes in my health.

From the beginning of the illness, I was given some medication that I had to take several times a day, in the morning and in the evening, before going to sleep. Many medications did not suit me - some pills made me have stomach problems, others made me drowsy, so I could not go to work. I had to experiment to find the right medicine. But after using them, I started having liver problems.

At the next meeting with the doctor, the doctor advised me to try Cardione with natural ingredients. I ordered 2 packages on the manufacturer's website and waited for the parcel.

Pressure indicators stabilized after taking Cardione

How to use tablets, drug review

I started taking Cardione tablets, as written in the instructions for use. The tablets are small and tasteless. The method of administration was as follows: 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. Not related to food. The first thing I noticed was that there was no discomfort in the stomach after taking the pill, there was no aftertaste with a chemical nuance, which often haunted me when I was taking other medications.

Already after 5 days of taking Cardione, I started to notice that my health had improved. The pressure was still higher than normal, but sleep began to recover, the headaches disappeared. After 2 weeks, the dizziness completely disappeared, blood pressure recovered, memory improved.

I ordered the extra medicine for the full course, which I had for 2 months. A hospital examination showed that my cholesterol level had dropped, my tests returned to normal and my blood pressure was stable at 130/80.

With Cardione I became happier, my headache stopped bothering me, my mood improved. My family noticed positive changes in me.